The Issue

Some of the main concerns that Ohio City Inc has heard for years is about the poor air quality in and around Lakeview Estates. Residents have made their voices heard about how this issue impacts the quality of life in the neighborhood. The air quality is a combination of surrounding industry and emissions from the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, a limited access freeway that walls off Lakeview from the surrounding neighborhood.

What's Happening Now?

Building off previous work around environmental issues at Lakeview Estates, Ohio City Inc has been able to use funding that the Black Environmental Leaders Association received from Mosaic to address environmental injustices in low-income communities.

Let's Clear the Air: Lakeview Estates Air Quality Initiative (LCTA)

Ohio City Inc has been working with Temboo, an environmental software company, and a Lakeview resident-led group known as the Committee of Champions, to pilot air quality monitoring. LCTA will add air quality monitors and soil moisture sensors in the area. The purpose of LCTA is to work with local stakeholders to address the air quality issues.

All data collected is publicly available via The Daily Breather, a daily reporting tool that anyone can view to see the air quality.

Okay, So What Happens Next?

Working collaboratively with our Lakeview Committee of Champions, we hope to build a case for improving the air quality in the area, as it is a public health crisis and an environmental justice issue. We are currently working on finding grants that can help address these environmental justice issues, and building up the program to expand with more monitors and more Champions members.

Some of the short and long-term actions include:

Tree planting and educational sessions on tree care

Working with nearby industries to properly handle the materials and lower pollution

Empowering residents to advocate for improved quality of life

Advocating to local and state agencies to change policy

Improving infastructure in and around Lakeview Estates through the Lakeview Connects project

Want more information or to join the Lakeview Committee of Champions? Contact Whitnye Long Jones, Director of Community Engagement,