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Lakeview Connects

Project location

Cleveland, OH

Project phase

Community review

What is Lakeview Connects?

Lakeview Connects is a planning process to build a cohesive vision for the future infrastructure of the area in and near Lakeview Estates, including the Flats West Bank and the larger Ohio City neighborhood.

Why Now?

Currently, the City of Cleveland is evaluating options for the future of the Willow Avenue Lift Bridge, which connects pedestrians and cyclists to Whiskey Island, as well as trucks to nearby industries. Additionally, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) is working on a new master plan for the future Lakeview Estates. The Lakeview Connects plan looks to build off this momentum for the area and address infrastructure and quality of life issues that have plagued both the local residents and the industrial users.

Goals of Lakeview Connects
  • Build off the Vision For the Valley Vision Plan​

  • Leverage the work of the underway Lakeview Estates Master Plan​

  • Facilitate stakeholder-driven input of the Willow Avenue Lift Bridge replacement project​

  • Prepare a connectivity strategy including potential infrastructure and transportation system improvements that connects to current and future assets​

  • Look at potential long-term infill development strategies and development concepts

  • Address air quality injustice that has long plagued the neighborhood & find ways to creatively mitigate truck traffic impact

What's Happening Next

Lakeview Connects is currently in the Community Engagement phase. Check out the Timeline page for more information on what's to come, and what has already happened.

Feel free to contact the project team with comments or questions:

Nate Lull,

Arthur Schmidt,

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Public Benefits

Air Quality Monitoring

As part of the "Let's Clear the Air" component of this project, nine air quality monitors will be installed in the outdoor areas of Lakeview to collect data on the quality of air.

Community Building

Strengthening the existing relationships of Lakeview residents with the neighborhood, and collaborating to problem-solve long-term issues. Building new relationships with industrial users.


Will study ways to mitigate the truck traffic from surrounding industrial users to improve air quality and safety at Lakeview.


Make stronger connections between Lakeview, The Flats, and Ohio City. Blend the lines of separation to create a cohesive neighborhood vision.

Pedestrian Streetscape

Prioritize improvements for those biking and walking.

Public Art

Opportunities for community-building through public art and placemaking activities.

Affordable Housing

Study potential redevelopment scenarios of current industrial land (not CMHA-owned land) for additional housing.


Increase access to the public transit network. Improve connections to RTA service.


Install sidewalks where none currently exist, ensure ADA-compliance, and rehabilitate damaged infrastructure.

Community Space

The plan looks at how to connect the Lakeview community with the waterfront, as well as future opportunities for new public spaces.


A principle of the project is to focus on building a more sustainable environment for the area as a whole. Additional tree canopy is one example of sustainability methods.


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